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I was at the Swim Club yesterday at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs & it was exactly what I needed when I needed it.  Refreshing, soothing & extremely hot thanks to Mr. Sunlight.  Dapper Dan Men you gotta be on your best game in the desert sun.  Block the rays with these 2-tone Moscot X Ace Hotel shades.

I really like this subtle yet unique backpack from Want Les Essentiels de la Vie.  It’s understated yet so necessary.  Dapper Dan Men get it at Need Supply.  

Johnny Depp, Mos Def, Ryan Gosling & Keifer Sutherland are just a few of Christophe Loiron’s clients.  When ever you’re in L.A make sure to stop over at Loiron’s shop, Mister Freedom.  It’s by far one of my favorite stores I’ve ever been in Dapper Dan Men.  

These Tramline Marquam by Danner are rugged & refined. The chukka style is diverse & looks best with jeans & a great blazer.  What I value the most is that they’re hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.  Dapper Dan Men these boots will forever be in style. 

To me this oxblood HSTRY & Grungy Gentleman leather jacket is perfection.  It’s for the James Dean of the future.  The construction is a lambs leather with cashmere ribbing.  Dapper Dan Men this jacket deserves to be lived in.

Will Ferrell is easily my favorite person of all time.  Little did we all know that the man has some serious men’s wear chops!  Dapper Dan Men check out my boy William rockin’ some of the best gear ever

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